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MaxCorp Research Consulting's proprietory panel is named MSample and is one of the most active, effective & hansomely rewarded survey panel

MaxCorp Research & Consulting

MaxCorp Consulting Inc is a full service Marketing Research & Consulting Company facilitating research needs across geographies & in various Industries and across the world by offering high quality Data Collection, Market Research, Analysis and Consulting Services.

CATI Research

Expert Team of Interviewers with world class Technology enables us to achieve thousands of research studies across various geographies with C Level Executives, Decision Makers, Financial Heads, Business Travelers , Educators and many more....

Online Panel

A Responsive, well Organised, high Quality Panel of Consumers, IT Professionals, Doctors, Travelers , Specialists & Decision Makers across more than 20 countries globally available for all kind of B2B and B2C Research Studies.

Research Reports

Equipped with Quality Research and Analytical expertise, the team at MaxCorp Research & Consulting creates the Best Industry Reports on Trends, Strategy & Market Insights for Business Decision Making

Consumer Studies

MaxCorp Consulting conducts Consumer Research Studies across the globe using various methodologies and with respondents of varied demographics

Full Service Research

MaxCorp Consulting is an Independent Full Service Market Research assisting clients with formulating research design and data collection to final reports and analysis.

Patent Research

MaxCorp specialized team provide end to end patent research and analysis services ranging from generating, managing, protecting and monetizing IP

Case Studies & Blogs

MaxCorp Consulting Inc conducts all Market Research with the help of its In House Team of Interviewers & Analysts. For Online Research Studies, MaxCorp uses its own active and proprietory panel of Online Members. MaxCorp cares about your privacy, please read our privacy policy or contact us to know more

Why partner with MaxCorp for all your Research Needs

MaxCorp aspires to be the most effective partner in research, strategic growth, expansion & acquisition by keeping in sync


MaxCorp ensures consistency in Quality in Research & Deliverables by Evaluating Data and Respondent Quality and following Intensive Internal Quality Check Procedures


MaxCorp Research and Consulting respects and maintains high standards of Integrity while dealing with various Clients, Respondents and their Data across geographies. MaxCorp respects Data Privacy & adheres to Data Protection Laws


MaxCorp Research Consulting strives to provide Excellent Quality of Reports and Deliverables and Services to our Clients and Benefits and Rewards to our Respondents, the Internal Team & Partners